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Why Inbound? Traditional marketing is still a viable tool to help you expand your customer base. However with the proliferation of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, Ipads and other mobile devices, more

Multi-Channel Sales Training


Are your sales team falling short of reaching their goals? There are many reasons why. The solution could be only a click away. more

Coaching Business Owners


I have worked with business owners in my professional career since 1985. As a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant I learned early on to conduct a brief and effective customer needs analysis. I had to be brief because the business owners I work with are busy running more

Articles & Information

What’s Bad About Social Media?

Business Coaching

  Social media has had a powerful impact on the ways companies market themselves online. This shift towards online has been hard for many companies to adjust to. Because social media provides open channels of communication for customers, it can often lead to negative comments or reviews. If you’re focused on your social media, monitoring […] more

What’s Good About Social Media?


  We all love social media, whether you like to admit it or not. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have ingrained themselves into society–TV, newspapers, magazines–it’s just about everywhere we look. Sure, everything about SM isn’t great, but these are some ways social media can benefit your business. As a small business it can […] more

Sales Conversion

Business Coaching

  The final step in our series on the Sales Marketing Process for Small Businesses is the sales conversion. You have created attractive content and built relationships with consumers for a loyal following, but do these fans actually mean business? With social media you usually reach potential customers earlier in the sales process. It also […] more

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