Sales Training


Customized training to improve employee and sales performance and customer satisfaction. A little well placed training goes a long ways. Click to schedule a no cost initial analysis of your sales process. Do you know what your more

Business Coaching


Need help! Need an independent and objective confidential sounding board who can help guide you and your business to new levels of efficiency, communication, success and increased revenue? more

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

It’s the look and feel of your brand. There’s a big difference between average and great brand design. We’ll help you align your image across all your marketing and advertising and share simple ways to save money more


web design build fix

First impression. One pillar of your companies marketing. Websites and content marketing continue to evolve. Is your website a competitive advantage? Is it time for a fresh design? Or a website update? more



The world of advertising is changing dramatically. We can help you create better messaging strategies that are relevant to your target market and assist you with cost effective approaches that get results. more

Articles & Information

Old Friend, Great Memories, Real Mentor


Every now and then when I’m between meetings I’ll pull open my file cabinet and clean out old files.  Today I purged some old stuff.  I also found something that I can’t throw away.  Something I’ll treasure forever perhaps.  This past year one of my business associates passed away quickly from a deadly cancer. Bob […] more

Back Into Blogging


Blogging takes time.  Budget for it.  It’s easy to post a blog article and then get pre-occupied with a million tasks and objectives.  Blogging can help you increase sales.  Don’t wait, blog today.  Create the content you feel will be of value to your audience.  It’s all about giving. more

Strategic Sales Strategy Planning for 2016


As we approach the 4th quarter, planning begins to push to reach the goals set for this year and start thinking about how you’ll innovate, develop new products and services, and set goals for 2016.  Starting now will help you have your plan in place and in motion by mid-December so you’ll be in full […] more

Current Projects

The Business Source LLC delivers the right solution based on the specific needs of our clients. Currently we're working on:
-Video for Websites and YouTube
-Business Coaching
-Sales Brochures
-Radio Commercial Production
-TV Commercial Production
-Media Buys for Radio and TV
-Branding Campaigns
-Logo Design
-Sales Training
-Social Media

Ask us how we can help you with one or more of these resources.