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The Future of Advertising

In the March issue of Harvard Business Review, Sunil Gupta writes about the impact smartphones and mobile devices are having on advertising.  In short, screen size minimizes the users experience related to ads with text and icons to small to be functional.  “Instead of buying tiny banner advertisements, markets should create apps that add value […]

New Media

Today’s business leaders are taking notice of the impact that Google, You Tube and Face Book are having on their company and their customers.  Google owns You Tube.  Their purpose is to share unlimited information on any subject with the click of a mouse.  Face Book is better at connecting people than anything that’s come […]

Sales Development and Pull Marketing in 2013

In “Pendulum” by Roy Williams and Michael Drew, societal trends throughout history repeat themselves.  The historical perspective is fascinating and thoughts on how to apply this theory are even better. “Pulling people into a positive relationship through positive attraction as opposed to pushing them” towards into a decision through analysis and justification is a better […]

The Incredible Google

We all know that Google is the most powerful search engine and perhaps the most powerful communication tool of all time.  They do incredible things and I’m grateful for their vision, engineering and design skills.  Yet they are merely human.  While trying to update my clients Google Places profile, I have found it incredibly frustrating […]

Cult Branding

Matthew Ragas and Bolivar Bueno authored, The Power of Cult Branding.  This is an excellent book for business owners that want to build stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty.  I their book they look into the culture and make up of nine premier cult brands. In summary they identified The Seven G0lden Rules of Cult […]

Your Time is Now

Now is the time to invest in your marketing and customer development programs.  With the elections near and all the media hype associated with elections, global politics, terrorism and the troubles our country faces, it’s easy to understand how people can slip into a negative mindset.  I’ve heard that thousands of people in the United […]