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What Consumers Really Believe

What Are They Really Thinking? New research from Spong, reported by Alex Palmer, on brand perception and buyer behavior reveals surprising gaps between what marketers think consumers believe and what consumers actually believe. The study found that when evaluating brands, consumers put far greater value on their own personal experience and that of their close […]

Sales Development and Pull Marketing in 2013

In “Pendulum” by Roy Williams and Michael Drew, societal trends throughout history repeat themselves.  The historical perspective is fascinating and thoughts on how to apply this theory are even better. “Pulling people into a positive relationship through positive attraction as opposed to pushing them” towards into a decision through analysis and justification is a better […]

Common Sense Trumps Logic in Sales

Don’t let logical thinking get in the way of common sense. Or should I say,  “don’t let common sense get in the way of logical thinking”? Either way they are similar. Faulty logic appeals to common sense as an authority; experience per se. I guess that’s just the way I try to navigate the world.  […]

Tired of waiting for jobs?

August 1, 2010 As reported in the pages of In Business magazine.  Written by Joe Vanden Plas-In-Business Magazine God only knows what happened to America’s once vaunted job-creating economy, but if you’re tired of being among the estimated five people competing for every job opening, maybe it’s time you took the entrepreneurial plunge. Since self-employment […]