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Sales Development and Pull Marketing in 2013

In “Pendulum” by Roy Williams and Michael Drew, societal trends throughout history repeat themselves.  The historical perspective is fascinating and thoughts on how to apply this theory are even better. “Pulling people into a positive relationship through positive attraction as opposed to pushing them” towards into a decision through analysis and justification is a better […]

Common Sense Trumps Logic in Sales

Don’t let logical thinking get in the way of common sense. Or should I say,  “don’t let common sense get in the way of logical thinking”? Either way they are similar. Faulty logic appeals to common sense as an authority; experience per se. I guess that’s just the way I try to navigate the world.  […]


Creating new processes and service takes courage.  You can do market research and determine how to design something new, or you can follow your instinct and just do it!  Innovate!  Wikipedia says innovation is, “the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society. […]

The Anti-Creativity Checklist by Youngme Moon

Youngme Moon understands the factors that prohibit people from being creative and opening up their minds to innovation.  See the You Tube video here: The wonderfully insightful and irreverent Ms. Moon also gives us this marvelous AntiCreativity Checklist“For People Who Want Nothing To Do with Pie-In-The-Sky Innovation, Crazy Flights of Imagination, or any of […]


A company’s culture is its personality.  It determines how people contribute to teamwork, problem solving, innovation, customer service, productivity and quality.  It makes work safe or not safe for a person to raise issues and solve problems or to move in a new direction.  A company’s culture is often the cause for people related problems. […]

Innovation and Momentum

Maintaining high levels of communication with your team is essential to creating the energy necessary to achieve momentum through innovation.  Company information needs to flow from person to person and top to bottom across all internal company operations.  From financial updates to in-field sales reports and market observations, a steady flow of information in real […]

Interior designers create stimulating, productive work environments

How does hiring a professional interior designer impact the appeal of your workspace?  As a designer learns about your corporate culture and mission, he or she will be able to show how design can help achieve corporate goals. A businesslike approach to workplace design means getting key decision-makers to think about how a workplace can […]


It wasn’t until I actually worked in a design firm that I started to become more aware of design.  Design is defined as: 1a. To conceive or fashion in the mind; invent: design a good excuse for not attending the conference.b. To formulate a plan for; devise: designed a marketing strategy for the new product. […]

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2009 Year after year we anticipate the change of season’s and welcome each holiday with joy and anticipation.  Several holidays’ stand out each year as national events giving everyone a much needed break.  There’s one holiday that stands out above them all.  Christian’s around the world come together to celebrate the birth of our […]

Culture and Tradition

Having just returned from 4 days in the Wisconsin north woods to participate in the annual deer hunt, time spent in the forest brings the opportunity to reflect and clear the mind.  For me the highest quality thinking time requires a sense of solitude and quiet while observing the natural order. Traditional Wisconsin deer camps […]