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Common Sense Trumps Logic in Sales

Don’t let logical thinking get in the way of common sense. Or should I say,  “don’t let common sense get in the way of logical thinking”? Either way they are similar. Faulty logic appeals to common sense as an authority; experience per se. I guess that’s just the way I try to navigate the world.  […]

Determination, Will, Drive and Passion

I was listening to talk radio yesterday and Mark Belling from WISN in Milwaukee was talking about people that accomplish extraordinary things. Bob Lang from Delafield built Erin Hills golf course with the intention of having it become the site for the U.S. Open golf championship. Senator Herb Kohl built Whistling Straits near Kohler and […]

Legend and Leader

Over my 30 year career in sales and sales management John Wooden’s name and principles popped up about once a year in various training discussions. His recent passing creates an opportunity to pause and reflect on his greatness.  Seldom in our history do we come across great leaders that are completely authentic and live by […]

Focus and Energy

It’s been just over a month since my last post.  WOW has it been busy.  Too busy to write.  Too busy to think clearly about what to write. A friend I met at Wizard Academy last July has an incredibly powerful blog and he writes and posts every day 365 days a year.  He gets […]

The Circle of Life

From time to time, we’re struck by the loss of someone close to us.  Yesterday a friend of mine passed into eternal life.  Gregg and I got to know each other through business and became friends.  That’s the kind of guy Gregg was.  He had great vision, great dreams and was a true entrepreneur.  He […]