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Sales Development and Pull Marketing in 2013

In “Pendulum” by Roy Williams and Michael Drew, societal trends throughout history repeat themselves.  The historical perspective is fascinating and thoughts on how to apply this theory are even better. “Pulling people into a positive relationship through positive attraction as opposed to pushing them” towards into a decision through analysis and justification is a better […]

Innovation and Evolution

To stay current with the fast changing marketplace, innovation leads to evolution and the need to update marketing information including branded product and service brochures and websites.  Both are dynamic in their ability to connect with target market audiences.  I am excited to announce that a new website for The Business Source LLC is forthcoming […]

Fast Starts

It always amazes me how everyone shuts down for the holidays.   It’s great to spend time with the family and take in all the holidays offer.   Then the first Monday after January 1st, business takes off like a rocket.  Everyone races to get back in the game.  Every business owner should be finalizing […]

Seasonal Change

Living in the Midwest means that we have to adopt to seasonal change 4 or  more times per year.  I say 4 or more, because our climate can go back and forth between seasons on an ongoing basis.  Yesterday the temperature reached 60 degrees in our area.  The forecast for next week is projecting temperatures […]

Focus in Marketing

Today I met with my Art Director, Matt Schaser to brainstorm.  One of the keys to creativity is open ended discussions to identify how your marketing strategy will affect the 5 senses of your audience.  Learn more about this by reading Mark Fox’s book, Da Vinci and The 40 Answers. ( As we discussed the […]

Small Business Development Center

Recently I was honored to be invited to the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Wisconsin Small Business Development Network in conjunction with the Wisconsin Entrepreneurial Network.  This was a great event to celebrate the service and support that the Small Business Development centers provide for startups and entrepreneurs across Wisconsin. Three years ago I applied […]

Year End Strategic Planning

November and December are critical months for sales people and companies in terms of conducting a business review.  This real-time post performance analysis also begins the process and sets the tone for planning for the New Year.  Do you recall the goals you set for yourself or your company for the current year?  Did you […]