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5 Reasons to Use Video for Your Business

  It’s no secret that video content can be very a powerful part of a marketing strategy to grow a brand or business. Today’s technology has made the creation of video extremely easy and attainable to anyone with a smart phone. Yet, video content is still often an afterthought for many, but should be a […]

How to Develop Relationships Using Social Media

  Now that you have created an audience with the content you have been putting up and engaging with prospects, you have to develop a relationship. The trust with prospects is how you turn them into customers. Now, I know must of us know we have to make relationships with our customers in order to […]

Content Attraction

  Last week we talked about why social media for small business is no longer a question. As we have transitioned into the age of the attention economy the question comes up about how to get content in front of the audience we want to see it. “Attention is a resource- a person only has […]


Creating new processes and service takes courage.  You can do market research and determine how to design something new, or you can follow your instinct and just do it!  Innovate!  Wikipedia says innovation is, “the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society. […]

Sixteen Ways to Earn True-Blue Trust and Credibility

An excerpt from Ken Brand’s book, “Less Blah Blah and More Ah Ha.” Trust is earned when we: • Treat others with respect and courtesy. • Communicate with calm confidence. • Listen more than talk. • Include facts, details, names, dates, statistics, testimonials, references, and sources. Strive to show, not tell. • Employ professional-grade tools, […]