Sales Training

Is the training relevant? Is the training acceptable to your sales team? Is the trainer acceptable to your sales team? Does the training incorporate the voice of your customers? Is the training working?  Do you have stakeholder buy in and vested involvement?

Check out this You Tube clip highlighting part of a seminar I presented to the Middleton Chamber of Commerce Ask The Expert Series.  Reviews came in a 99% in attendance noted that this program exceeded their expectations.

John Russell speaking at the Middleton Chamber of Commerce.

How Design Impacts Customer Development

During the initial phase of defining the vision, mission and values of The Business Source LLC, we began to explore the connection between design and business.  Design as a discipline is in my view, both art and science, as is sales.  I began working with my partner and friend, Fran Ray to further explore the connections between design and how to increase sales.

With Fran’s help as researcher, we outlined this article and Fran wrote it.  This fits with our belief that increasing sales can be accomplished more effectively with a forward vision, than it can be impacted by studying past results and old data.

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