Tina Jones

Allegiant Oil Company

John, everyone really enjoyed your sales training session and everyone brought something back out of it!  We have already had employee meetings and that has really helped with our communication!  I know though that we will definitely want you back for more training!  We were totally satisfied!!  Thanks again!

Edmond Schneider

Vice President Sales & Implementation

I met John Russell when he was contracted to deliver sales training to our group. John impressed me with his passion and his approach to the training. The tools and the insight he provided were great, but what stood out the most was how he could quickly adapt the classes to meet our specific needs and industry challenges. Since that initial training in 2012, I have stayed in close contact with John to continue strategizing on various real-life business challenges. John is a terrific teacher and is always willing to find time in his busy schedule to talk. I wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone looking to sharpen their skills and energize their approach to selling.

Juli Hinds

Senior Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of Communication Studies, Edgewood College

John is a sales person that gets it. He knows that if the client succeeds we all do. This is the way sales should be! As a voice talent, it is a joy to do a session with John, because his clients trust him so much. In some ways John is like an old time Hollywood agent, he wants his clients to be stars and he will do what it takes to get them ahead. A warm, friendly, and creative man, John is the go-to-guy for helping your company succeed.

Sue Estes

Manager, Business Development, Celerity Staffing Solutions

John worked with me as a personal sales coach and provided input on our sales communications. John is an “outside the box” thinker and provides solutions to convey powerful messages that focus on individual client needs. We don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach in our business and neither does John. John is a man of integrity who personally cares about your personal and professional success and is someone who I value as a mentor, business coach, and as a friend.

Kevin Patrick

Sales Manager, Humana

Before I was promoted to Sales Training Coach, I worked as a Sales Consultant directly for John, John is one of the most employee-focused managers for whom I’ve ever worked. By employee-focused, I don’t mean “micro-manager”. John’s focus was on making sure that the people, who worked directly for him were properly trained and positively motivated to succeed. His knowledge of how to sell, which he shared with me and others is second to none. I closely observed how he managed his team and I truly learned a great deal, which I incorporate into my management style in my current role. I strongly recommend John as a mentor, coach and sales professional.

Kimberly Pratt

Massage Therapist/Body Worker

John has a keen eye for a customer’s needs and has a direct detailed plan to reach each goal. I’ve seen John diagnose a problem for a client, create a detailed game plan and work that plan with tremendous results that go above and beyond the expected goal. His level of integrity and expertise is amazing. Introduce yourself to John. You won’t regret it.

Matthew Schaser

Art Director, Graphic Designer

John is an Art Director’s best friend. Detailed and buttoned down. He makes the pot holes in the road of design smooth.

Bob Morris

Partner, Whiteboard Group LLC

I’ve personally known John for over 20 years. He was one of my best students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Since that time I have been impressed by John’s career growth and development. If you want to improve your sales, raise your level of awareness in the marketplace, or align your communications to present a powerful message, Russell is the guy for the job. I have referred two clients to him in the past month alone – that’s how confident I am in John’s ability to meet or exceed expectations.

Jim Scheuerman

Food Resource Manager, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin

I first had the privilege of meeting John at Dream Kitchens. Through this association, I began to realize that John was the real deal and his words were always followed up by action. There was no smoke and mirrors. When you work with John, you have the benefit of his knowledge and experience, sincerity, commitment, and his results driven desire to succeed at whatever project he undertakes. Most of all, John has integrity. You can trust him completely. I am grateful that we have crossed paths.

Chuck Mefford

Founding Partner, BrandsFormation

Creative, energetic, experienced and most of all someone you can trust your business with. John is a “get it done” kind of guy who helps you think BIG and make Big Things happen!