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Sales Conversion

  The final step in our series on the Sales Marketing Process for Small Businesses is the sales conversion. You have created attractive content and built relationships with consumers for a loyal following, but do these fans actually mean business? With social media you usually reach potential customers earlier in the sales process. It also […]

Why Social Media?

  For years it has been a question for many small business owners whether or not social media is a worthwhile investment. Now, it’s no longer a question if you should be using social media, but how to use it effectively to increase sales for your business. People think social media is free, and it’s […]

New Social Media Marketing Manager

  I’m excited to announce that I’ve been selected as the new Social Media Marketing Manager with The Business Source LLC. Hi I’m Brandon Kappel. As a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin Madison I am excited to what my future holds helping companies create, develop and execute social media marketing campaigns. This position […]