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The Road

“’Sherpa’ means ‘Easterner’ in Tibetan; and the Sherpas who settled in Khambu about 450 years ago are a peace-loving Buddhist people from the Eastern shore of the plateau. They are also compulsive travelers; and in Sherpa-country every track is marked with cairns and prayer-flags, reminding you that Man’s real home is not a house, but […]

Upcoming Videos

Upcoming Videos Marking topics include:  Design, radio, newspaper, ad blockers, video, lighting, editing and digital advertising.  

Importance of Facebook Video

  Have you noticed more videos in your Facebook newsfeed? This is because video has become the content with the best ROI. Nearly 75% of consumers are watching videos before making a purchase. On a daily basis more than 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook alone. Going forward the importance of video […]

5 Reasons to Use Video for Your Business

  It’s no secret that video content can be very a powerful part of a marketing strategy to grow a brand or business. Today’s technology has made the creation of video extremely easy and attainable to anyone with a smart phone. Yet, video content is still often an afterthought for many, but should be a […]

Streamline Social Media Marketing

  Social media marketing is a time consuming process no matter what industry you’re in. Things have changed; no more is it all about sharing great content. You have to spend time monitoring and analyzing what is working and not working in your efforts as well as engaging with your followers. Your efforts on social […]

What’s Bad About Social Media?

  Social media has had a powerful impact on the ways companies market themselves online. This shift towards online has been hard for many companies to adjust to. Because social media provides open channels of communication for customers, it can often lead to negative comments or reviews. If you’re focused on your social media, monitoring […]